Respiratory physiotherapy for children

Respiratory physiotherapy for children is essential; we would like our children’s growth to be without distress. However, it is well known that in many homes, with the start of the school year, the nursery and the winter period, all the alarms are ringing in households. 

Even so, there are parents who tell me: “but they are always first, they don’t go to nurseries, they don’t have brothers or sisters“.

They are certainly caring a lot about them, but this is not necessarily going to stop them from getting a respiratory infection or another illness. 

It is clear that we aren’t living in isolation ; we go to family reunions, friendship reunions or other places which a high gathering of people. Therefore, we find ourselves affected whether being an adult or a child.

We’re enduring the fact that our child is in poor shape. However, we see often him with a congestion, or irritated, uncomfortable, having no apetite, with the little food that he eats ending up into vomit. He doesn’t want to play, and he has mood swings. The night comes and he doesn’t rest as usual…

In conclusion, our children and ourselves are entering a loop in which we are wishing to get out of as soon as possible.

When should you check up?

The quantity of mucus or the density and viscosity of the mucus exceeds its natural defense mechanism, in which coughing is no more sufficient to evacuate the mucosity. 

Inflamation and secretions become persistant.

Very small children have suffered from an important respiratory infection, making their breathing system sensible and their bronchial tube reactive. 

Children who suffer from other associated illnesses or peculiarities.

Here we take action. Respiratory Physiotherapy complements and supports the doctor’s treatment for children.

The doctor’s check up is essential. We know the enourmous work and effort that doctors make in order to define the viruses that are at their highest point. 

In fact, that is why we work in synergy with the doctor, because respiratory physiotherapy is beneficial.

Instead of worrying, we are in a situation where we can choose this treatment reinforcement.

Some doubts about respiratory physiotherapy for children

Instead of seeking help in respiratory physiotherapy for children, the pain we endure is doubled: by our own words, and by what others are saying.

We start to feel guilty and we tell ourselves:

  • He vomited. I gave him medication before and I’m not sure if his body absorbed it.
  • I’m sure he catched a cold on Sunday, when we came back home late.
  • I’m very tired and I’m not sure if he’s taking out his bed cover at night.

What other people are saying:

  • You have to give him this/that thing for his defenses.
  • You should clean up his nose more often, even if he doesn’t want to.
  • He has mucus because you bathe him for too long and you’re not doing it correctly.

Our specialty

Respiratory Physiotherapists are specialized in the treatment of bronchitis, pneumonia, bronchiolitis, asthma, collupsed lung, etc.

It is simply our main mission to help maintaining the breathing areas clean for an optimal ventilation and oxygenation. We facilitate the elimination of children’s secretions and we do our best to avoid relapse or future infections. 

If you wish to know more about respiratory physiotherapy for children, please contact us. We are here to help you.




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